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From samples and prototype batches to high volume production runs, our technology allows us to produce competitively priced products no matter the quantity you require. We stock commonly used material constructions, and we have an established supply chain with fast lead-times on the materials required to suit your needs. Any size and shape imaginable can be achieved using our wide range of stock cutters and tooling or ordering them straight from our supplier.


Decorative labels can improve your packaging to create visual and tactile appeal.  Using our special materials, inks, foils and embossed features we can actually enhance the perceived value of your product, making it more attractive to consumers and justifying a higher price point. This is particularly true in industries where branding and presentation play a significant role, such as luxury goods or gift items.


Branding labels project an image and communicate what you want to say about a product as well as information about the contents of a package. Using consistent branding can make an impact and make your product instantly recognisable. We supply pressure sensitive adhesive labels for a range of applications across a variety of industries. Our labels come in a huge spectrum of finishes with spot colours, matt and gloss varnishes, security features, metallic inks, foils and laminates.


Quite often labels are there to perform the function of identifying something or informing the user. We print sequential barcodes, serial numbers, variable information. Branding and logos may or may not be present. In some cases our clients prefer to print their own variable information, such as use by dates or addresses .  In these cases, we can supply a blank or partially printed label and ensure that it is suitable to accept the print of choice for our customers.


and Scanners

We supply a range of printing and scanning products, including:

  • Fully automated label print and apply systems.
  • Label applicators and dispensers to suit both low and high volumes.
  • Barcode scanners ranging from hand-held devices to automatic production line systems.
  • User friendly labelling software & training.
  • Managed system maintenance


When our customers wish to print information onto our labels themselves, a desktop thermal transfer printer is often used as it provides an easy and flexible way to print variable information. In these cases, we can supply the wax, resin or wax/resin ribbons used to suit the substrate and application in any width or colour you choose.


Labels in their simplest form. What’s important here is the application or what the label is being used for and how it will eventually be printed. We can suggest a suitable material and can produce any size or shape you need. Our high-speed blank machine ensures that we are offering some of the most competitive prices on the market.


Other Printed

We can also supply other non-adhesive printed parts such as tags, which can be attached to something as an identifier. We can produce the whole product from printing the base stock on one or both sides, to stringing and eyeleting the finished product which makes it a much smoother process for the client. For other printed products, please see Printaims, a Lothian Labels company.

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A booklet is a small, glue bound publication containing printed information, images, or instructions, typically with multiple pages. We can manufacture these to your own specification and desired volume. Just contact us and we can talk you through the options.